How it works

Once you’ve decided to seek media amnesty, our services are there to help you.

  1. We sign an agreement that says we will not disclose what we see to anyone, and in exchange, we give you a letter that shows that you are going through the amnesty process. This will protect you in case something does come to light before you get to settle it all.
  2. You show us what’s in your media library – all of it – and we catalog it, every single, remix, album, lyrics, liner notes – we observe it all, but do not change anything. This process is automated and could take a few minutes, or a few hours, depending on how much you’ve accumulated.
    1. As the system evolves, we will also look at your movies, downloaded books, and games.
  3. You tell us what you’ve paid for, as long as you’re certain that you have the proof for each item. Then we really go to work.
  4. We look through the media library for songs that are available for free. Then we flag those songs so that you don’t pay for things that are given away.
  5. We take the remaining items and shop through the most popular music sources to see who’s got it for less, the same way online travel sites check the prices on multiple airlines. We negotiate with cold efficiency to save you as much as possible.
  6. Once we have completed the shopping process we will show you a total bill required to get complete amnesty – fully legitimate licenses for all of your media. You can decide what to keep and what to pay for. We will even offer you a financing plan to keep all of your music and pay for it over time.
  7. We will help you “close the door” to make sure you music isn’t being shared illegally and certify that your system is clean.

Then you’re done! No letters from the RIAA, no worries about whether someone at work catches you with the collection, or if someone is snooping your phone, or checking your cloud storage. You can drop off your laptop with the Geek Squad and they can’t say a word.